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Friday, 17 May 2019 00:00

Shemar Nunez, a 23-year-old resident of Belize City, was shot and killed by an armed civilian who showed up just when he and a 16-year-old minor were fleeing from a grocery store they had both just robbed. Some Belizeans are applauding the civilian for the decisive action he took, which also stopped an armed thief from getting away with a crime. Nunez’s dad is simply asking the authorities to properly investigate and determine whether or not the man who shot him used justifiable, deadly force and harm.

Police say that at around 9:16 a.m., they received information of shots being fired on Albert Street. When they arrived in front of the grocery shop, they found Nunez’s body on top of a beach cruiser bicycle. He had a single gunshot wound the head, and lying right next to him was the nine millimeter police believed he used to rob the store.

Initial police investigations indicates that Nunez and the minor barged into the grocery store and robbed the owner at gunpoint of $667.75 in cash. They were attempting to ride off from the scene of the crime, when they allegedly encountered an armed civilian, who has not been identified to the public. That man reportedly saw what they had done, and he ordered Nunez to drop the firearm. According to this civilian, Nunez responded instead by pointing the weapon at him, making him fearful that Nunez was about to fire at him. He acted preemptively, and fired a shot at Nunez, which caught him in the head, killing him on the spot.

Gilbert Nunez, father of the deceased, has spoken to the press, about his son’s involvement in the crime, which ended in his death. He told the press that shortly before he received the call that his son was killed, they had a conversation, in which they were trying to earn some money washing cars. He said that his son told him he was having money problems, and that he gave his son what little cash he had on him. He also said that on this particular Sunday, no business opportunities were presenting themselves.

Speaking specifically to his son’s involvement in the robbery, he said, “I don’t encourage my children in crime. If my son died for a crime, I won’t paint his bad and I won’t paint him good. He has his own choice, but if that is the way my son loses his life, I have to be a man and accept it and ask God to please give me the strength to bury my child. If he is wrong, I will put up my 2 hands - he is wrong. If he is not wrong, I will ask please for the justice. That’s all,” he said.

At this time, police believe that the force used was justified, and the civilian is currently not facing any charges for Nunez’s killing.

As for the store the two young men targeted, this is one of several instances that the owners were robbed by thieves. They opened up for business on Albert Street several months ago. They also asked police not to name them in the evening news for fear that they will be targeted again in the near future.

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