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Friday, 24 May 2019 00:00

In a democracy like ours, the ballot is the most powerful tool that the citizenry has. Leading into any election, those campaigning can say what they want but when it is all done, the power of the people-their ballot-has to be respected. It is in such a position that the PUP find themselves in these days. They have been given a hearty serving of the power of the people.

The dose has been so massive that all their shenanigans leading up to the ICJ referendum have been turned to humility. This week when the two houses, the National Assembly and the Senate met, in the “hush-ness” of the meetings, we could almost hear their yelping. It was the yelping similar to that of a beaten dog. You know, that pitiful howl that it makes as it runs away, tail between its leg? That was what we almost heard.

But even as it seemed that they were yelping, in the days after the Referendum, there were those in the PUP who were brave enough to show their faces on the cameras. Kareem and Julius in particular, who had spearheaded the PUP’s No campaign. They were the ones, who had led Johnny down the path of no return. They took to the cameras and bravely stated that they were not in the least bit involved in trying to persuade voters in their division to vote for a No. They went so far as to say that, in their division, the people were allowed to choose as they wanted. But that is completely the opposite of what they were doing. We know that they were on the ground advocating for a No vote in their constituency. And it was not only in their constituency that they were advocating for a No vote. Remember that they were also along with the PUP representatives in the south and it was then that they strong-armed Johnny into changing his own course.

More than that, they took to the rostrum in their national anti-ICJ, dollar beer parties across the country. For them now to say that they never campaigned for a No vote in their constituency only proves them to be who they are-true, true PUP’s. It must have been a hell of a thing for them to sit in the National Assembly on Monday and for them to have nothing to say!

The Power of the People!