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Friday, 24 May 2019 00:00

For persons who may have expected fireworks on the floor of the House of Representatives this past Monday, it was a disappointment. There was no debate on any of the two bills that were presented. One of the bills was for the streamlining of tax collections in the country by amalgamating the Income Tax and the General Sales Tax Departments to form one entity, that will be charged with the responsibility of collecting such taxes that are presently being done by the two departments. The other bill was one that made provisions for certain amendments to the Maritime Areas Act, which would see Belize claim its full entitlement to its maritime areas based on International Law.

That historical meeting which was the first post referendum meeting to be held, lasted less than an hour. If we were to deduct the time for the prayers and the two suspensions for committee meetings, the meeting would have lasted around half hour. When the leader of the opposition got up to speak on the occasion of the third reading for the MAA Amendment Bill he took the opportunity to officially inform the nation, that PUP, who be abandoning its case challenging the legality of the 2008 Special Agreement. He cited that the reason for them to do so was the fact that the people of Belize spoke loud and clear when they voted yes in the referendum on May 8 2019.

The result of the referendum must have beaten the PUP into submission. We have been searching our archives to see if ever there was an occasion when the PUP acted so humble in the house, and we did not find such an occasion. The usual fist pumping, chest thumping and grandstanding that usually occurs on the motions of the adjournment did not occur on Monday. Perhaps, we should hold a referendum prior to every house meeting in order to instruct the opposition on how to fulfill its responsibility as an opposition, letting them understand that they are not there only to oppose.