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Friday, 24 May 2019 00:00

With the House of Representatives having met and unanimously passing the amendment to the Maritime Areas Act on Monday, it was the Senate’s turn to deliberate on the matter on Tuesday. The first order of business was to swear in Temporary Senators to sit in for three of the regular senators. Former PUP Caribbean Shores Area Representative and Government Minister Joe Coye stood in for Business Senator Markhelm Lizarraga. Trade unionist Marvin Mora stood in for the Trade Union Senator Elena Smith.

Coye’s appointment to us seems to simply confirm what we’ve always known, the Business Senator is just another PUP in a façade. Markhelm has always been a PUP and Coye will always be a PUP. That however is another matter that must be dealt with at another time. It just seemed appropriate that we make mention of it, however.

For us it appeared strange but substantive that the senator for the business and trade union sectors would be absent on such an important event. The primary and most important piece of legislation that went before the Senate on Tuesday was something both senators have opined on before. The bill before the Senate was right in line with the opinions of both substantive senators. However, with the amendments stemming out of the result of the May 8 referendum, which is something both senators did not support leading up to the said referendum, perhaps their organizations could not get them to go to the meeting and votes.

Perhaps, it is now time for the two sectors to think about permanently replacing the two senator with persons who will act in conformity with instructions by their respective sectors. Based on the interaction we’ve had with members of the business and trade union sectors, and in accordance with public statements attributed to some members of the same two sectors, one could conjecture, that there may have been occasions when the two senators did not vote in conformity with the sentiment of their respective organization. If indeed that is the situation, then the organizations would be better served by permanently replacing them.