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Friday, 24 May 2019 00:00

Kyron Green, an 11-year-old primary school student who lives on Croton Lane in Belize City, is clinging to life after he suffered a gunshot injury to the face. He went to the store on an errand for his mother, and while he was being a dutiful son, a gunman went after his target at the same business place. Green was struck by a bullet meant for someone else.

Police say that around 6:59 p.m. on Friday, May 17, 2019, they visited the KHMH where they found Kyron suffering from a gunshot wound to the left cheek. 21-year-old Raymond Fuller Jr., was also being treated for gunshot injuries to the abdomen, and the left thigh area.

Initial police investigation is that minutes earlier, Fuller was standing at the entrance of One Plus One Super Market, which is located on Central American Boulevard. Green was also there to pick up some items for his mother, and he was at a refrigerator inside the store.

Kyron’s mother, Marsha Belisle, who is a food vendor, told the press that she has a business nearby to this store, and her son always runs her errands for her, so that she can tend to customers.

Belisle said, “Kyron usually go and do my runs for me, buy for me, you know. And he went to the store that night to buy some French fries and ketchup, at the same Number 1 store that he usually goes to buy.”

According to police, an armed assailant rode up on bicycle and fired several shots at Raymond Fuller, Jr. Fuller was injured by two of those bullets, but one of them also struck Kyron who was caught in the line of fire behind Fuller. Civilians rushed both of them to the KHMH, and Fuller’s health was fortunately stabilized by the on-duty doctors.

The doctors continue to try their best for Kyron, but the bullet passed through the left side of his face, and injured his cervical vertebrae on exit. Readers may be aware that these are the bones that support the neck, and the top of the spinal chord, which connects to the human brain.

Belisle explained, that the doctors suspect that the injury will leave him paralyzed. Belisle said, “The bullet entered the left side of his jaw, and the x-ray shows that it went straight pass, and injured his spinal chord, The outer part of the spinal chord, there’s a bone they say that it broke… Presently, it’s not good… They took him off the induced coma, and they said that they wanted him to respond, but he is not responding to that for them. They’re thinking that the effect of the bullet, well that it has damaged his spine. So, he’s paralyzed from his neck down. And they’re thinking that a blood clot went to the brain, and affected the brain.”

Right now, Belisle is very distressed about the fact that her son’s life may be in jeopardy, after being shot innocently.

Speaking candidly about the effect her son’s ordeal has had on her, Belisle said, “I’m trying to be strong here because I’ve been crying all the while. But, it’s very heartbreaking. I’m so sad. When will this end? When will this end?”

Green is yet another child innocently hurt by violence in the street between adults in the recent years.

Police currently believe that this shooting is retaliation for a murder that happened in the same area several weeks ago.

And while the cops try to find out who the assailant was, family members and friends are trying to come up with funding to cover Kyron’s medical bills. His primary school, Saint Luke Methodist, is currently holding fundraising events, such as a barbecue sale to donate to his mother for his medical bills.