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Friday, 14 June 2019 00:00

The Ministry of Education has released the names of the top performing students in this year’s Primary School Examination. Coming on top with 386 points out of a total of 400 points was Jasmine Espat from the St. Andrew Anglican Primary School in San Ignacio Town.

Jasmine Espat joined us along with her peers Tomas Serrut and Giovanna Campos from the same school. Serrut came in 9th place and Campos 10th within the National Exam. All three students are now determined to continue studying at Sacred Heart High School and pursue tertiary level education--in the science fields.

As the top performer, Jasmine Espat has a message for her peers across Belize. “It took a lot of hard work, determination, believing in myself and most importantly trusting in God… they need to believe in themselves, set a goal for themselves and have their mind set on achieving that goal so that in whatever they do they will be working towards it and that is the only guarantee that they will achieve it.”

Educational research has continuously shown that a proper pedagogy early in life is guaranteed to pay dividends later in life. For a stellar student like Jasmine Espat, that is no exception. Ms. Gilda Rudon started her “journey”  in Infant One, followed by Ms. Marcia Moody in Standard Four and Mr. Eduardo Reyes in Standard Six. Espat also thanks her parents, sisters and peers for keeping up with her rapid pace.

Over the years, we have recorded the excellent performance of Saint Andrews Anglican Primary School.  This Western school performed remarkably well in the Primary School Examination for 2016. Five of their students came in the top 22nd ranking with Kenly Young coming in first, Ranai Gonzalez, fourth, Leila Duarte, twentieth, and both Rhianon Figueroa and Gabrille Mas coming in twenty second. Earlier in 2014 Veronica Peresedova came in second in the National Exam administered by the Ministry of Education.

Current Principal of Saint Andrews Sharee Guitierrez reports that “…there isn’t any secret…” to the excellent performance of her students.  Her staff, arrives to school early, stay after hours and take work home. Even though her school does not have an adequate budget to run the computer room and library, both herself and Vice Principal Maricelbi Chavarria offers hands on advice and visit the different classes regulary.

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