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Friday, 14 June 2019 00:00

A couple of weeks ago we were treated to Mayor Bernard Wagner complaining that he had not received a set of exercise equipment that he says he would have put in one of the city parks. We know that it was just the mayor complaining for complaining sake, as the Ministry of Health has every intention to acquire the equipment for Belize City it simply is that they are on order.

Well, if you were to judge by the small mindedness of him complaining about that set of equipment, you would not be surprised that when the wife of Lee Mark Chang made a proposal to put some play sets in a park in Caribbean Shores it was met with utter disregard. Chang says that he met with City Council officials who flatly rejected the proposal. The reason given was that the playground equipment which was made of recycled car tires simply did not meet their park standards. Chang added that, “I was also informed that any park renovations, including changing or upgrading light bulbs, may only be done with the permission of the City Council.”

Undaunted, Lee Mark says he approached the principal of Trinity Methodist School, who gladly accepted the proposal and the play equipment will be installed at the school shortly. Thankfully there are still people who are not as small minded as those who now populate the City Council.