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Friday, 21 June 2019 00:00

“I am the chief of sinners, I am the chief of sufferers also.”

-Robert Louis Stevenson, The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

This past Monday there was a heavily worded press release that came from the desk of the PUP Secretary General. Added to that was Johnny Briceno coming out to say that the SSB fund was being mismanaged. It would seem that Johnny simply forgot what happened under his watch as the Deputy Prime Minister. He went from being Dr. Jekyll to being Mr. Hyde.

As for the release, it was loaded with political stink bombs that were apparently being lobbed at the government and by extension the United Democratic Party. If, one were just to read the contents of the release one would have thought that the PUP had nothing to do with the adjustment of the contributions and compensations. However, that is not the case. We were able to find evidence that the PUP was involved in the discussion on the Social Security adjustments. They were involved at the highest level of their party, because the leader of the opposition Honorable John Briceno, Deputy Leaders Honorables Rodwell Ferguson and Julius Espat along with Narda Garcia, a former General Manager of the Social Security Board (SSB) participated in extensive consultations with the SSB.

We suspect that Narda Garcia was there as some sort of “EXPERT ADVISOR” to the Leader of the Opposition and his deputies, because of her experience, having been the General Manager at SSB. Narda’s presence was, perhaps, an insult to the people of Belize because of her much talked about and heralded dubious record at the SSB. In our research we found photographs that were posted on Facebook on 24th May 2018. Unlike the PUP who do things in secret, like those SECRET ACCOMMODATION AGREEMENTS, that have and continue to cost us millions in taxpayers money. Whenever there is a serious issue we make sure the opposition and the social partners are involved at every step of the way.

The UDP is about openness and fair play, even if it means that the PUP will bring the likes of EAMON Courtenay, Troy Gabb and Narda Garcia etal to the table. We will sit-down and consult with them as the PUP’s representative on the specific issue being discussed at that point in time. It is the people of Belize who will be the ultimate judges. Already people are wondering if the emergence of Narda Garcia as a sort of personal advisor to the Leader of the Opposition on Social Security matters, is an indication, that should the PUP ever get back in office Narda Garcia, who was at the helm of the SSB during the period of the SCANDALS, which prompted a Senate investigation, will once again be put in charge of Social Security. That thought is horrific However, knowing the way the PUP operates, there is a possibility that they would make it happen.