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Friday, 21 June 2019 00:00

The results of the promotional exams for the Belize Police Department were leaked and, the results are not encouraging. Of the 878 officers that sat the exam, only the meager number of 194 officers passed meaning that as many as 684 failed. To give perspective, the failure rate was at 77.9%, a major embarrassment for the department which employs thousands of men and women. The hundreds of officers who sat the May 4, exams have failed to meet eligibility to move up in rank. The exams existed for officers interested in being promoted to corporal, sergeant, or inspector and were given one month during which they were to prepare for the test. The officers were asked questions about community policing programs, identifying various types of crimes, and domestic violence scenarios and, evidently, fell short.

In the Corozal district, two officers sat the exam to be promoted from sergeant to inspector, and both failed. Eighteen corporals took the exams to become sergeants, but only four passed.  Of the twenty-two constables who participated in the assessment to become corporals, nineteen of them failed the test. All in all in Corozal District, roughly 83% of persons who sat the police exam were unsuccessful.

Moving on to Orange Walk, of the four sergeants who sat the exams with the aspiration to become inspectors, none passed. Twenty sat the corporal to sergeant, and eight passed. Eighteen Orange Walk constables sat the exam to be promoted to corporals and of that eighteen, two passed.

In the Belize District, of the fifty-four sergeants who hoped to be promoted to inspectors, nine passed, an 83% of failure. Likewise, there was a 90% failure in the corporals who sat the exams to become sergeants; twelve of the 115 failed. Of the 272 constables who sat the exams to become corporals, seventy-six passed, a failure rate of 72%

In Cayo, thirty-one sergeants sat the exam and only fourteen, or 45%, passed. Seventy-seven corporals sat the exam and twenty-three, or 30%, passed. Of the 161 constables that sat the exam, 139 failed, an 86% failure rate.

Stann Creek and Toledo were grouped together and called the Southern Region. Two of the six sergeants that sat the exams passed; twenty of the twenty-six corporals who sat the exams failed; and thirty-nine of the fifty-two constables who sat the exams failed.

While Commissioner of Police Chester Williams did not make any public comment about the performance of the officers, he took the time out to write them a letter, offering congratulations to the ones who passed the promotional exam, and to the ones who did not make it, he offered encouraging words. “Please accept my congratulations to those of you who were successful in the promotional exam. And to those who were not, I say you tried and fell short, but that does not mean that you are dumb and do not know your job. The exam was a high-level one and there are several factors that can cause one to fail an exam; therefore, in some way or the other, you were all successful.”