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Thursday, 07 July 2011 00:00
Marcel CardonaOn Monday July 5th the government passed legislation in the National Assembly which will see the re-nationalization of BTL. It is a move that has seen overwhelming support from Belizeans, but there are those not-so-patriotic among us who would rather the Telecommunications company remain in the control of Michael Ashcroft. Among those persons are members of the People’s United Party whom the Prime Minister has now rightfully dubbed the Ashcroft United (or maybe not so united) Party.

It is expected that those within the PUP should show support for Ashcroft, after all he has been the one that has always pulled their strings. So incestuous has the relationship been between the PUP and Ashcroft that in the past they have been able to bend over in any direction in order to accommodate the lord. We can all recall the accommodation agreement which Said Musa signed in order to benefit Ashcroft. We can also recall that family members of the now leader of the PUP Johnny Briceno, have sold shares of the other telecommunications company – Smart to Ashcroft having him become the majority shareholder in that company.

The actions of Johnny Briceno and Musa then, surprise no one. Now there is a new addition to the ranks of the Ashcroft Alliance. Another pawn reared his head in the national assembly to vigorously defend Ashcroft’s interests. That pawn came in the form of Marcel Cardona who did not support the nationalization of BTL. Even as he did not support the nationalization, he was too much of a coward to vote against it. He did not vote against it since it would have meant that he would have voted against the UDP policy which would in effect mean that he had crossed the floor and it would have automatically triggered a bi-election. Nonetheless he made quite the scene at the house bursting almost into tears as those present showed their disapproval for his stance.

Many questioned how it could be that any Belizean could take such a position. That question was answered by Cardona himself who told the nation that it was Ashcroft who had paid for his education. That now has him securely in the pockets of the lord, singing his praise, and condemning the government for taking back what rightfully belongs to the people of Belize.

While Cardona sung for his supper, the PUP ditched the House Meeting, themselves not being able to take a position on the matter. They could not publicly go against the lord and neither could they publicly support him, instead like the pack of spineless twits that they are they decided to walk out.  While they did not stay, they held a press conference on Wednesday during which Arthur Saldivar publicly commended Cardona’s actions, being the only pawn on the board that had enough balls to stay and defend the master. Saldivar however could not say the same about his party leader and the others.