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Thursday, 07 July 2011 00:00

Kay MenziesSome within the chamber of commerce have started a campaign against the government of Belize’s Nationalization of Belize Telemedia. In a strange case of anticipating the views of their membership the Chamber of Commerce circulated a draft resolution to its general membership in which it presumed to know what its membership wanted before even consulting with them.

Through an e-mail the draft resolution was circulated to its membership complete with a time and date as if the event had already taken place when it had not. The e-mail states that “in an Emergency Meeting held at the Withfield Tower on July 6, 2011.” It took certain positions without even hearing from the membership.

The Guardian sought to get the views of some of the members of the Chamber of Commerce. Those members we spoke with saw it odd that a resolution would be sought after it was drafted and before first consulting with the membership. More odd is the fact that during the PUP’s press conference the resolution was prominently discussed. Any sane individual would be left to wonder if in fact the resolution was not written by PUP lawyers.

In the resolution among other things the Chamber asks that Government uphold the rule of law; the fact remains that there has not been a single instance in which the government has not so done. It also asks that the government seek to restore a favourable investment climate when the government has not done anything to upset this climate.

While the Chamber pontificates the reality is that most in its ranks are not in agreement with the position the chamber is taking and that will be clearly demonstrated when a Special General Meeting is held on July 15th.