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Thursday, 14 July 2011 00:00

The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment takes this opportunity to clarify/state its position on the alleged irregularities circulating within certain media houses with respect to reports made by some land owners on the possible fraudulent processing of several conveyances lodged at the Land Titles Unit, Lands and Surveys department.

It must be emphasized that the primary responsibility of the Lands and Surveys department is the administration of all land tenure in Belize. Hence, it manages the processes of determining, recording and dissemination of all information about land, including ownership and value.

In achieving its daily mandate, the Commissioner delegates certain functions to the various units of the department such as: Land Registry and Titles Unit, Surveys and Mapping, Valuation, Land Information Center, Physical Planning and National Estate Section.

Based on reports received a few weeks ago from some landowners, concerning the apparent recording of fraudulent conveyances, a thorough investigation was commissioned to ascertain whether there were any breaches relating to the process for the proper recording of conveyances in keeping with the department accountability and transparent governance framework. Concurrently and to this end, the department advised the concerned parties to report the matter to the police since the circumstantial evidence suggest that a prima facie case could be established to support the perpetration of fraud regarding the recording of these conveyances.

Its public knowledge that the sale of Land is both a Public and Private activity. The common-law system of Conveyance is the vehicle for obtaining land tenure to all lands which are subject to The Registered land Act. A Deed of conveyance is prepared, drafted and executed by the contracting parties and thereafter sent for recording at our Land titles unit, a segment of the lands and Surveys Department and originally a part of the General Registry. There is no input into the monuments of title by officers of the department. The department is only obliged to vet the recording requirements as the law prescribes and to approve the sale value for stamp duty purposes.

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The Lands and Surveys department can categorically state and assures the general public that the land transactions surfaced through the media were private driven and normally done via contracting parties. As indicated earlier the department only records these private transactions and collects its associated taxes and fees.

Whatever information is gleaned from the investigation, however, and more so, if allegations are made pointing to a particular employee or employees alleging certain breach during the recording process, the Ministry assures the general public that it will pursue, with undue haste, to institute disciplinary action, in adherence to the due processes outlined in the Services Commission Regulations, in an effort to assure the confidence in the Land Tenure process.
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