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Written by Shane B. Williams   
Thursday, 21 July 2011 00:00

Chimilio smiles as he leaves court on Thursday July 14th.Since there is a gag order on the meeting between FIFA officials and the Ministry of Sports neither parties have been forthcoming with the details in regards to their meeting held on Monday, July 18th. The talking points seem to be “it was a very productive meeting” and “it was the first step towards finding a solution”. It is not known if the Ministry pointed out its findings in the commission of inquiry into FFB and, if so, what was the  Salguero, FIFA Executive Member and Emergency Committee member; Ariel Alvarado, CONCACAF Executive Member and Rafael Tinoco, UNCAF President. We do know; however, that there will be a follow up meeting within the next two weeks.

Until then, FFB continues its fight to reign as the nationally recognized football body in Belize and the Ministry of Sports continues its fight to ensure that we have a national football organization that is accountable to footballers of the country. That fight has been taken to court in an injunction filed by FFB against the National Sports Council. FFB wants the court to intervene and rule against the National Sports Council’s decision to ban them from using its facilities. The ban was laid down when FFB failed to register as amember of the National Sports Council. The case is before Justice Minnette Hafiz and she has reserved judgment for a later date.

Since the suspension of FFB a selection of players from Belize has gone on to win two World Cup qualifying matches against bottom seeded Montserrat despite government’s decision not to grant FFB permission to wear the country name in international competition. FIFA’s disregard of the government’s decision is complete disrespect to the country’s sovereign rights and disregard of its laws.
Hopefully this saga comes to an end soon and football will be free to reach its true heights in Belize. Belizeans are happy that the dialogue has started and are depending on government to not do what is best for football in Belize. Democracy must reign in Belize.