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Thursday, 21 July 2011 00:00

In response to the lawsuit filed in the Supreme Court of Belize against the Government of Belize by the homosexual advocacy group UNIBAM that seeks to abolish the laws against sodomy in the country of Belize, the Belize Council of churches at its meeting held Monday July 18th, 2011 moved for the release of the following STATEMENT.

The Belize Council of Churches believes and maintains the Biblical position that: God created human beings and purposefully made them male and female. He created them, male and female that they may complement each other. That sexual companionship must be between a man and a woman; that they will reproduce and multiply the world.  No one can refute the fact that two men or two women cannot reproduce naturally. From God’s plan we see that same gender sexual activity is wrong. In the eyes of God homosexuality is a sin. The Bible clearly condemns all homosexual practices.

The Belize Council of Churches further believes that: The arguments from their view on sex and sexuality, their sexual orientation and behavior, their concept of the family and on human reproduction, and the promotion of same sex marriage, are biblically unfounded and theologically unsound. The Belize Council of Churches condemns the lawsuit filed against the Government of Belize and declares that the laws of Belize reflect God’s law and therefore stands against all changes in the Constitution of Belize that will not promote the sanctity of human sexual relations as established by God.

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