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Thursday, 21 July 2011 00:00

Kayla Sutherland and Steven Flowers On Wednesday July 20th, 23-year-old Steven Flowers and his common-law-wife, 24-year-old Kayla Sutherland who were jointly charge on January 6th in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court for harboring a criminal walked free from Magistrate’s Court.

The duo was accused of harboring well-known criminal figure, Edwin Flowers, who on January 5th was found inside the young couple’s home on Electric Avenue watching television.  The case fell apart before Magistrate Albert Hoare after he upheld a no case submission made by their attorney Dickie Bradley. Bradely pointed out that there was no evidence against his clients that they were harboring a criminal.

In the trial, PC Derwin Sambula testified that the police had visited the two defendants’ home on Electric Avenue and upon their arrival, they saw 3 persons sitting inside the living room watching television.  They were Sutherland, Flowers and Edwin Flowers, who was wanted at the time by police for a murder.  PC Sambula told the court that he had an arrest warrant for Flowers which was ordered by the Supreme Court and all three persons were taken to the Queen Street Police Station. Flowers who was never brought to court on the charge was taken straight to the Belize Central Prison while Sutherland and Flowers were charged with harboring a criminal.

Bradley in his no case submission pointed to the court that there was no evidence that Edwin Flowers knew of a warrant issue for his arrest and that no evidence came before the court that he (Flowers) knew he was wanted. Bradley also noted in his submission that the meaning of harboring a criminal means that the person or persons must know or have reason to believe that the alleged criminal has committed or is convicted of a crime. Magistrate Hoare agree with Bradley and upheld the no case submission and dismissed the couple of the charge and they were free to go.  

  At the time of the incident, Edwin Flowers had been set free of the murder of Randy Coye which had occurred in October of 2008 at the Lord Ridge Cemetery.  He was released after against him and Brandon Smith who were both accused of murder. The DPP then appealed the decision made by the court and Justice Troadio Gonzalez ordered for the arrest of the men that they stand trial for the murder of Randy Coye.  5 persons are presently on remand for Coye’s murder.  They are Deshawn Mena, Brandon Smith, Edwin Flowers, KenroyHumes and Leon Gray.