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Thursday, 04 August 2011 00:00

Michael AshcroftBelmopan, 3rd August, 2011. The government of Belize was yesterday served with notice of an application filed in the Caribbean Court of Justice by the Ashcroft Alliance.

The application is by Ashcroft's British Caribbean Bank Limited and is against the Attorney General of Belize and the Minister of Public Utilities. The Application seeks an injunction to stop the Government from passing the Belize Constitution 9th Amendment Bill into law; a Declaration that the re-acquisition of Telemedia by the Government of Belize for the people of Belize is void; and an order returning Telemedia to the Ashcroft Alliance.

In Government's view, this latest move is proof positive that the Ashcroft Alliance will stop at nothing to frustrate the democratic determination of the National Assembly that the Government and people of Belize should own the utilities in this country.

The Ashcroft action also reinforces the absolute need for the 9th Constitution Amendment Bill, which would enshrine Belizean public ownership of the utilities and put that ownership beyond dispute and beyond Ashcroft's legal reach. The misguided people that have been arguing against the Bill have played right into Ashcroft's hands. Without the Bill, as the current CCJ Application shows, there will be no end to the Ashcroft campaign.

So, Government repeats its position that the 9th Constitutional Amendment Bill must become law in order to completely protect the people's right to the utilities. And the justification for clarifying that the Amendment must therefore be unchallengeable, is now self evident.

Government thus calls on all patriotic Belizeans, in the face of this new development, to stand firm and support the 9th Constitution Amendment Bill. Government reminds of the first public consultation on Wednesday, August 10th in Belize City at the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall, and urges everyone to come out in a show of national solidarity.