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Thursday, 11 August 2011 00:00

Massive crowd supported the 9th Amendment which was chaired by Hon. John Saldivar (inset).Hundreds of Belize City and Belize district residents made their way to the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall as the consultations on the 9th constitutional amendment began on Wednesday August 10th. As it had been expected there was a large crowd of supporters to the amendment, wearing t-shirts and carrying placards they came out to the Parish Hall to show their support for the government’s move  to entrench utilities in the constitution so that they always remain in the possession of the people.

The evening began with a presentation by the solicitor general Cheryl Krusen, who painstakingly explained the constitutional amendment and what it meant. She drew examples from other Caribbean countries like Trinidad and Jamaica where similar clauses exist in their constitutions. She also pointed out that amendments are not a strange occurrence and said that in the Bahamas the constitution was amended 10 times in one year. After her presentation Hon. John Saldivar who chaired the proceedings explained that the amendment is one that has been the most discussed and has drawn the most interest. He added that people need to understand what the government is doing and that there is no need to fear what is taking place. Then the floor was opened to questions.

With over 600 people in the parish hall, the event took on a lively atmosphere with the naysayers taking the first spots in the queue. There was nothing new to their rhetoric with the likes of Bullet, Anthony Sylvester and Francis Smith taking their party’s agenda to the microphone. Lisa Shoman who has been parading herself at every media house also took to the microphone and she minced no words in saying that the bar association did not support the bill. She went as far as to say that she did not agree with the entire bill. Taking a departure from the stance which she was first pushing; that is that only section 9 of 69 she was not in agreement with. To no one’s surprise she now publicly said that she does not want the people of Belize to own the utilities. That is she does not want the Belizean people to own the Electricity, Water and Telephone companies. This surprised no one as she is the very person who dropped a claim by the Social Security Board to 3.34 million which a court had ordered be paid back to the institution.

After the PUP’s had lined up to push their agenda, it was time for the real public to speak. Invariably one after the other those who lined up to take to the microphone supported the constitutional amendment. After all they know the benefits of owning the utilities. Some even went further to express that maybe it is time for the people to own our oil.

Similar consultations will be held across the country in the coming weeks.