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Thursday, 11 August 2011 00:00

On February 12th, 2009, two brothers, Stephen, 35, and Williams Leiva, 38,who are in the CD/DVD business and who own Amalia’s DVD located at Mile 2 ½ on the Northern Highway were arrested and charged in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court. They were charged with one count of drug trafficking when they were allegedly found in possession of 7,300 grams of marijuana inside a portion of their business and one count of possession of a controlled drug when 50 grams of marijuana was found in a taxi, a white Geo Prism vehicle which belongs to Stephen.

On Monday August 8th the men appeared before Magistrate Roberto Ordonez, who in a brief summary noted that he had several issues regarding the matter of the brothers. One of his concerns was that the case took long to come before the court in trial as the incident occurred from 2009. He also noted that he questioned the integrity of the drugs that were presented to the court as the package was not properly  sealed. He pointed out that the caring of the drugs was very poor as one of the labels on the exhibit was damaged beyond recognition and the amount of weed that came before the court did not match the one police testified to.

With all that noted, Magistrate Ordonez upheld a no case submission that was made by the brother’s attorney, Dickie Bradley.Magistrate Ordonez agreed with Bradley and upheld the no case submission and told the Leiva brothers that he simply could not call upon them to answer to the charges before the court because in his view, the prosecutor failed to prove the charges.

At about midday on February 12th, 2009, police officers visited Amalia’s DVD shop on the Northern Highway where they claim they searched a small room of the building where they found a suitcase which contained 2 bags of suspected cannabis. The search was taken further to the taxi of the younger brother, Stephen Leiva, a white Geo Prism which was parked in the yard where police say they searched and found a knap sack which contained 50 grams of marijuana.  Inside the glove compartment of the car, they also found $1,544.00 in cash which were all taken in as exhibit in the case against the brothers.