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Thursday, 11 August 2011 00:00

Daisy TillettOn Friday August 5th a woman was fined 0 and .00 cost of court in the Belize City magistrate’s Court after being found in possession of .4 grams of crack cocaine. She claims that she was a victim of police brutality when police men choked her so hard, she had to spit out the cocaine she had hiding inside her mouth

After coughing up the drug 36 year old Daisy Tillett was arrested and charged for possession of a control drug. She appeared on Friday August 5th before Magistrate Dorothy Flowers where she pleaded guilty to the charge.Tillett told the court that she was taking responsibility for the crack cocaine police found in her presence.  She said however that the substance was not found inside her mouth, it was on the ground.

Magistrate Flowers accepted her guilty plea and fined her $500 plus $5.00 cost of court to be paid by September 15th in default 5 months imprisonment.  Before leaving the courtroom, Magistrate Flowers informed Tillett to visit the internal affairs unit and make a report if she felt that she was violated or abused as she claimed.

This is Tillett’s second conviction for possession of a controlled drug.  In 2002 she was fined $400 and a $5.00 cost of court for possession of a control drug.

According to WPC Sherifah Young, who is of the GSU unit, at about 5:05 p.m., on Thursday August 4th, they visited #51 Taylor’s Alley, the home of Tillett where they saw her coming to the front of the door. She had something in her mouth which they suspected to be an illegal substance. Police say that in an effort to get the item from Tillett’s mouth, they had a struggle and that’s when the defendant spit out a piece of substance suspected to be crack cocaine onto the ground.  The substance was picked up in her presence and showed to her. She was cautioned and then taken into custody at the Queen Street Police Station where the item was weighed in her presence and amounted to .4 grams of crack cocaine.