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Thursday, 18 August 2011 00:00

So now, why have this trio, the good the bad and the ugly, under the guise of being learned attorneys, mouthing off like an overflowed septic tank and a clogged up soak away frightening the nation into thinking their fundamental rights were being taken away?  We speak of Audrey Matura Sheppard, Lisa Shoman, and President of the Bar Association Jacklyn Marshalleck. 

We know Marshalleck is an employee of Ashcroft with an office upstairs of the Belize Bank.  She is singing for her supper at the top of her voice.   Shoman has her political axe to grind so there are no surprises there.  Then there is Matura Sheppard; an over-zealous Oceana executive who seems to have more causes to fight for the down trodden and oppressed than Jesus Christ himself.  What is her beef?  The sad reality, we here at this newspaper can’t figure it out.  One thing we know for sure, claiming to fight for the poor and oppressed while lying to them about their fundamental rights being taken away makes her no better than the PUP, and in our view a tad bit worse.  Is it that she will make a run for the National Assembly at the next general elections for the PUP?  Word on the street is that Phillip Palacio, a fellow who clearly has lost his mind when he agreed to run in Mesopotamia, is being asked to step aside so that Matura Sheppard can slide in. Or is it that she fell asleep at the back of the class during the Constitutional law lectures?  Either way she needs to focus her attention on the business of Oceana and leave legal interpretation to those who know.

So which one is the good, which one the bad, and who is the ugly.  Lisa Shoman wins the position for the good.  She is clearly good at spreading lies in such a convincing manner that people believe her.  She is a very good PUP even though the voters of Belmopan did not think so.  Matura Sheppard takes the spot for the bad.  Her bad interpretation has sent people on a wild goose chase.  We don’t know if she will even stop to understand and digest the words of the CCJ.  She seems rather content to continue to wander aimlessly through the forest of ignorance.  And then there is the ugly, President of the Bar Association Jacklyn Marshalleck.  It is an ugly thing indeed when you will use your position as the President of the Bar Association to further the interest of your boss, and in the process lie to the entire nation.  We hope that members of the bar association bear this in mind the next time she is up for re-election; but in any event, she should be sanctioned now.  It is an ugly thing when you chose to be a pawn of Michael Ashcroft instead of fighting for the good of the nation.  Then again, what nation, remember she wasn’t born here.  There are Belizeans, and then there are Belizeans.