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Thursday, 25 August 2011 00:00

Tinted vehicleSince the introduction of the new tint regulations, there have been those who apparently are not heeding to the new law. While that may be the appearance, in Belize City, the traffic department has been issuing hundreds of warning letters to those who refuse to comply with the regulations.

But more than issuing warning letters, the traffic department has been able to secure at least two convictions in traffic court for those who violate the regulations. Those persons who are issued warning letters are given 10 days to comply, if they fail to do so the traffic department moves in and immediately issues warrants to offenders forcing them to appear in court.

This week alone two individuals were fined 500 dollars at the traffic court after being given the 10 day warning and still did not comply with the tint regulations. Traffic department personnel explain that while the fine is anywhere between 150 to 500 dollars, the larger fine was imposed since the violators had already been given warnings.

The traffic department in Belize City will continue to maintain its vigilance on the tint regulations and will continue to enforce compliance.