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Thursday, 08 September 2011 00:00

Michael 27 Year-old Michael “Ham” Young, a resident of Hattieville, was killed in a robbery attempt in Belmopan on Saturday September 3rd; Young and his associates chose to target a store while it was being closed.

Ham has been the target of execution attempts in Belize City before, but ultimately, his death came at the hands of a Chinese businessman whom he and two others tried to rob.

Police say that the robbery attempt occurred on Trinity Boulevard in Belmopan at around 8:45 p.m. XiauHua Li, a Naturalized Belizean businesswoman reported that she was inside her business place when three men entered the store, Hong Li Supermarket; one man was armed with a firearm and another was armed with a knife.

The men demanded money, and fearing for her life, she handed over $300 in cash, 2 cell phones valued $120.00bcy, and $1,650.00bcy respectively and 1 computer used to sell boledo.

While the men were exiting the store, they met her husband, Hong Ye Li, who is also the owner of the store.

MichaelYoung, who was armed with the firearm, fired several shots at Hong Ye Li, who returned fire. Young suffered wounds to his right knee, left leg and behind the left ear; he died on the spot. The other two men escaped without Young, and they have not been detained by police so far.
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