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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 22 September 2011 00:00

Supa G entertains the crowdMost of the thousands of Belizeans who made their way out to the Memorial Park for Sir Barry Bowen’s Belikin Fest 2011 agreed that this year’s festival was one of the best. With the mechanical rides back and an even greater cast of entertainers, Belizeans of all ages had much to enjoy on September 16th, 17th and 18th. Sir Barry wouldn’t have it any other way.

Belikin Fest was an idea developed by the late Sir Barry Bowen. It was Sir Barry’s way of showing appreciation to customers. He wanted Belizeans to enjoy the true essence of Belizean entertainment. For that reason, the entertainers must be Belizean and performances must highlight the rich cultures of Belize. Therefore, for a few days each year, Belizeans enjoy Belizean music, Belizean dances, Belizean comedy and drama while eating Belizean food and drinking the Belizean Beer.

The star studded cast of entertainers over the three nights included Lova Boy, Supa G, Gilharry 7, Lord Rhaburn, Berne Velasquez, New Rebels Band, Chico Ramos, Mohobub Flores, Jobe Coleman, Concego, Tapric, Bredda David and the Tribal Vibes, Ascenthium, Blak Berry and Nello Player. While the performers took a break, music was provided by Tagg International, Evolution Sounds and Mad Rocka. From all accounts, the entertainment was terrific; however, there is still one huge turnoff at the festival. The price of beer remains $3.

Beer lovers believe that a beer at Belikin Fest, Sir Barry’s thanksgiving event, should not cost more than a beer at the local grocery shop. One top executive at Bowen and Bowen told the Guardian that the criticism was unfair. The reason for this is because the 25 or 50 cents made from each beer can barely cover the cost of paying the bartenders. Entrance unto the compound is free and the entertainment is free. Concerts with entertainment like that of the Belikin Fest, which features several bands and artists per night, would usually cost more than $25 a ticket. While the entertainment, security and use of facilities are free for everyone who attended the festival, it is not free for the management of Belikin. Based on estimates, the combined cost of entertainment, police security, facility fees, etc. is somewhere in the neighbourhood of $30,000.
The last entertainer on Sunday was Supa G who led the crowd in singing happy birthday for the late Sir Barry Bowen.