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Written by Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 29 September 2011 00:00

Before I comment on the activities of our September celebrations, let me just join the thousands of Belizeans and foreign dignitaries in expressing my condolences to the Price family. I had the honor of meeting Rt. Hon. Price on several occasions, first as a student and later on as a trade union representative, and he was one of the most genuine persons I have ever met, devoid of pretences, and eager to listen. Our country has lost a great man.

I began writing this article at nine am on Independence Day and plan to be through by ten. I don’t want to bore you by taking too much time here, and I am certainly looking forward to going out by the Queen Elizabeth Park later on in the day to participate in the ceremonies and carnival that have been planned in our town. Indeed I applaud the decision by our leaders to have encouraged people to come out and celebrate the very Independence Day that Mr. Price spent the major part of his life seeking to accomplish for our country. Truly there were several thousands of fellow Belizeans around the Town Hall last night and the crowd remained there until the wee hours, as if trying to accentuate the point that we are more united and agreeable as a people with the passing of our national hero.

Last night the speeches were short, but the cultural presentations were very entertaining. As usual in OW, the fireworks at midnight are unrivaled, and the people were awed once more by the innovativeness of the planners. Every year there is a new feature to the display and I took some pictures, but in truth they came out dark, especially as they would have been printed in black and white. I must get me a better camera so I can share our September experiences with you next time around, God willing. This afternoon though, I will take some snaps and with the help of the sun, they will be bright and I can then pass them on the editor for his file.

I spoke with a couple of the members of the Celebrations committee last evening and they told me to take note today of the amount of floats that will be featured in the parade and the vividness of the decorations. It is as if there is a frenzy to showcase OW and make our town more exciting each year. A pride has engulfed the planners in making the September Celebrations ever more fascinating, so as to attract visitors from all districts to come here and celebrate with us. Let us remember this thirtieth anniversary as one of the best, where we celebrated our cultures and our unity in complete harmony with each other. In parting I say, happy Independence to all and hope to see you by the Park later.