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Thursday, 29 September 2011 00:00

The citizens of Belize are disheartened that a heinous crime of sexual abuse has been committed against a 4 year-old baby girl. What makes this matter worse is that there are major complications in the police's investigation that could cause the suspect to escape justice.

According to the mother, whose name cannot be revealed in the media for the protection of the child, the child was at her Belize City public school on Thursday of last week.

The mother said that her babysitter was supposed to pick the child after school, but she (the babysitter) was running late. The mother said that she asked her aunt to pick up the child.

 According to the mother, she went to the school a little later in the evening, and she was inquiring after her daughter. That's when she found out that her child was picked up by a relative, a man. The mother said that she immediately asked the teacher which man could have come and picked up her daughter, because there were only a few people who were authorized to do so.

According to the mother, the teacher said that it was a man. This man was either the child's uncle or her grandfather. The mother explained that she then left and started looking around for her child; she found her at her (the mother's) grandmother's house. When she got her daughter, the baby was acting strange, so she became concerned.

The mother said that the baby girl eventually told her that her "privates"hurt. She said that she checked the baby and discovered that the child was raped, and she took the baby to see a private doctor.

The doctor verified that the child was raped and that there was a yellow discharge. The mother said that this doctor believed that the baby may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease, but further testing was needed to confirm this.

The child and her mother gave a statement to police last week Friday (the next day), and as a result, a suspect was detained over the weekend.
As a result of the statement, police operated under the impression that the sexual assault took place on Thursday.

The investigating officers have since taken the child to another medical officer, and this medical officer has also certified that the child was raped.
This medical officer, however, has suggested to police that the rape may not have taken place within a 24-hour time period.

This is huge discrepancy in the timeline and complicates the case because the police know who picked the child up. This person who picked up the child may not have committed the rape as was believed.
Police say that they questioned the suspect thoroughly, and with the lack of evidence, plus the timeline discrepancy, the investigators released the suspect.

Police press officer, Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood, has told the media that this suspect, who police released, had been re-detained. Several other suspects have also been detained; Yearwood said that these people were also implicated in the child's statement.

Yearwood has also said that DNA that was found inside the child is going to be compared to DNA received from all the suspects. The department hopes to point out who raped the child by this method.
The matter has become complicated with all sides pointing fingers at everyone else. At this point, the investigation is ongoing. No one has been charged, and the only thing that is known for certain is that the child was raped.