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Thursday, 29 September 2011 00:00

Justin TeckJustin Teck, 16, a resident of Hunter's Lane, remains in critical condition after he was gunned down near the 4-way intersection at Cinderella Plaza area around midday on Tuesday September 27th. Residents of Belize City believe that Teck's shooting is part of a retaliation for the murder of 9 year-old Joshua Abraham.

Teck was riding his bicycle on Freetown Road, and as he arrived at the intersection in the plaza area, two men rode up on bicycle behind him. One of the men took out a firearm and shot Teck twice; the men then rode off and escaped.

Teck fell off his bicycle in the vicinity near the Yinkee Restaurant, and he was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he remains on life support.

Word out of the hospital is that one of the bullets exited and caused fragments of his skull to become lodged in the brain tissue. Also, The bullet hit a region of the brain known as the parenchyma, and he has bleeding in the brain.

Teck lived in an area that is in the zone of Kelly Street, which is currently in a major rivalry with Victoria Street over the death of 9 year-old Joshua Abraham, who was murdered on Independence Day.
It is notable that a gang truce has been able to suppress major gang activity. The Kelly Street and Victoria Street gangs were not a part of the truce talks that have maintained relative peace in Belize City.