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Thursday, 06 October 2011 00:00

Julius Espat- well the man came out on the newscast for both channel 7 and channel 5 apparently he thought he came out swinging. He explained that as the Western caucus leader he had decided to boycott the consultations that were to be held on Wednesday  October 5th in Belmopan.

What Espat failed to tell the audience was that when his very Western caucus organized themselves to make a showing at the consultations held the week before in San Ignacio, it was a pathetic showing. They were unable to muster support for people to come out against the 9th amendment and he decided that he would not be outdone for a second time.

So the Genius that he is he decided to pull out a trick out of his bag; he came up with the bright idea of getting the list of voters in the constituency and basically pretended that people had signed the petition that was being circulated by the Friends of Belize (aka-the Michael Ashcroft’s pet project). Now anyone who saw the petition papers that were shown on channel 7 could have realized that most of the petitions were filled out by the same persons- the penmanship was the same on most of the applications. It was also a little bit too obvious that the registration numbers for those who signed were in sequential order.  In fact there was on at least one of the petitions signed an indication where a number was scratched off and replaced by another.

Espat claimed that he had gotten 1,600 signatures against the 9th. Well if he was able to receive such overwhelming support against the amendment why was it that those same people could not have come out to the consultation? The answer to that is simple- he made up the names and the signatures. All he did was copy the names and numbers of the people on the electoral list and tried to pass it as if they indeed were against the ninth.
But what more can be expected from a man who was caught on television telling Jules Vasquez that at a recent demonstration that the PUP mounted in Belmopan there were thousands of people present when in fact there were only a couple hundred PUP supporters.

Julius, please try again! Dirty tricks will not work with the Belizean public.