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Thursday, 20 October 2011 00:00

Belize City dumpsite (inset) Councillor Philip Willoughby, Sanitation Manager and contractorBelize City residents have been plagued by a foul smell which has originated at the dumpsite on the Western Highway. Some residents have complained to the media about the situation and the Belize City Council heard those complaints. They are now working diligently to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Phillip Willoughby, City Councilor in charge of the dump, has told The Guardian that this smell is caused by a load of spoilt fish feed produced by Belize Mills Limited.

Willoughby said that about a week ago, the constant rains caused a large volume of the fish feed that Belize Mills produces in commercial quantities to spoil. The product got drenched as a result of the rains and needed to be disposed.
He said that personnel from Belize Mills contacted the City Council and received permission to dispose of the spoilt feed. The Department of Environment was consulted on this issue, and they certified that if the fish feed was disposed of at the dump site, it would not cause any harm to either the environment or the city residents.

What has occurred is the fish feed, after being spread over an area of the dumpsite, interacted with other waste and it created a foul stench that the winds have caused to permeate sections of the city as far as a 5-mile radius from the dumpsite. This smell has also been aggravated by the continuing rains of last week.

Willoughby apologized on behalf of the council to all the residents who have been affected by the smell of the fish feed. Since Monday afternoon, the City Council has been trying to remedy the problem by spreading large volumes of landfill and waste to cover the fish feed.

On Tuesday, members of the City Council met with personnel from Belize Mills to try to come up with a more efficient method to deal with the smell.

Willoughby explained that as a result of this meeting it has been decided that a large volume of clay will be used to cover the fish feed. He said that the Council in collaboration with Belize Mills will fund the covering of the area with about 45 truckloads of clay material.

The expertise of Belize Mills and other consultants has produced this plan as the solution to alleviate the problem.

Willoughby explained that there will be other contingency measures that will be put in place to avoid a reoccurrence when disposing of similar waste products.

Again, the City Council would like to apologize to the city residents that have been affected and a remedy will be put in place shortly.