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Written by Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 20 October 2011 00:00

A friend of mine, who I will call Earnest, sent me an e-mail this morning regarding my contribution in last week’s Guardian which discussed the dire state of the People’s United Party. He advised that I should not take the PUP lightly in spite of the predicament that they are in today. He went on to describe what he termed as the “end game” of the PUP’s old guard; claiming that all which is occurring within the Blue Party at this time was by design rather than chance. I must confess that I am not much of a conspiracy enthusiast, but if you, dear reader, enjoy intrigue, I will share what my buddy claims is truth.

Before I begin though, let me clarify that according to Earnest’s account, Arthur Saldivar was certainly not part of any master plan. He is like a fly in the ointment, so to speak, and continues to muddle around even after being openly insulted by the PUP’s ODS. I mean, if Saldivar was near the chairman of the ODS when he was writing that letter I am sure the chairman would have pulled off his belt and “whap” that man!

But let us get back to the conspiracy theory, which according to my friend, was hatched in 2008 and is being fulfilled to the letter. He claims that Briceno’s resignation was a certainty, even mapped to materialize around this time. At Party meetings, Briceno was purposely jeered and aggravated so to nettle him into angry outbursts, which demeaned his status. As Party Leader, he was relentlessly undermined and embarrassed, privately and publicly. The first blows were thrown at him when he was informed that all the Party’s assets, including Independence Hall, Positive Vibes and the Belize Times, were actually privately owned and he had to pay for their use.

At the National Assembly, Briceno was regularly upstaged by Musa and frequently humiliated by the absences of his two senior deputies.  Even at the PUP’s national convention in 2010, which was his last attempt to unite the Party, his chief deputies and executive members refused to appear alongside him, as if to say he was just not worthy of their eminent support. In addition, this for those who read the National Perspective, it was common knowledge how small they thought of Briceno, and nary a week would go by without their bile opinions being printed about their Party leader. With this concerted effort from all angles, it was just a matter of time for Briceno to step down. It seems that he refused to gamble on the little standing he had to spare and face any election with the Party in tatters.

Earnest says that with his departure, Musa will now have his say and his way. It is a known fact that the two Fonsecas are very loyal to Musa, and were complicit in all his accommodation agreements and settlement deeds in bestowing our country on a platter to the old chap. My friend says that the British billionaire intentionally did not sponsor Briceno’s leadership and would not have given a penny to Espat, because he desires certain people at the helm of the Party who are very friendly to his advances, who ask no questions of his requests and who have no conscience to answer to. 

Again here Saldivar is messing up the master plan. The retreat by Espat which made the thirty PUP Standard bearers look meek within the past week should have left a deep, leaderless vacuum at the top. This would have triggered extreme anxiety within Party ranks which was to have ushered Musa in as the knight in shining armour for the Party. Saldivar now forces plan “B” to come into effect, which will work as well, said my conspiracy friend, since as mentioned before, all Fonsecas have absolute loyalty to Musa, as Musa has to the old chap. It is said that the PUP now belongs to Ashcroft, and Ashcroft is no George Price when it comes to caring for Belize.