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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 20 October 2011 15:55

Elizabeth Shaw is Lotto's latest winnerShe is not one of those players who have been playing since it started. She isn’t one of those players who catch a fit if she forgets to purchase her Lotto ticket. She doesn’t buy every Wednesday and Saturday and she doesn’t even buy if the Jackpot is not at 0,000. Yet, Joyce Elizabeth Shaw was certain that she would have won Lotto’s huge 5,000 Saturday, October 15, Jackpot.

Shaw is a teaching principal of St Barnabas Primary School in the Cayo District. She travelled to Belize City on Monday, October 17, to claim her prize for winning the Lotto. Shaw said that it was her girlfriend who bought her ticket. She usually purchases three sets of numbers but decided to include three quick picks as well since the Jackpot was huge. Shaw said she was sleeping when her girlfriend called and told her she had won.

Shaw has a friend who is sick in bed. She has been looking for ways to assist her friend financially and just had the feeling that the Lotto Jackpot was hers. Therefore, when she won, “It was not a surprise; it was not a shock for me. I’ll be honest with you I had the feeling.” After tax she took home a cheque for $148,750. She will use the money to help her friend and split the rest between her two daughters.

The winning numbers for Saturday’s Jackpot were 10, 12, 16, 18 and 25. The free ticket letter was “A”. Shaw also took home $759 for winning 0-7-2 in BEL-3.