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Thursday, 27 October 2011 00:00

Under the Business Tax Act chapter 55 of the laws of Belize:“Every person who pays any management fees, rental of plant or equipment, or charges for technical services and insurance premium to a non-resident shall deduct there from tax at the rate of twenty-five percent of such payment and shall forthwith render an account and remit the tax so deducted to the Commissioner and every such amount shall be a debt owing from him to the Government and shall be recoverable as such.”

Rick Castillo and Vaughn Gill have retained the services of Lord Peter Goldsmith and Godfrey Smith. These are by no stretch of the imagination cheap attorneys, Goldsmith for example earns reportedly between £1,200 to £2,000 an hour. That’s anywhere between U.S. $1,600 to U.S.$2,700 an hour. That’s quite a figure as the British Lord and barrister has been clocking quite a number of hours, even during the weekend in this case. If our figures are correct, then he is expected to collect a nice sum. But are Rick Castillo and Vaughn Gill truly in the position to be able to pay the attorney’s legal fees? Under Belize’s tax law those persons who engage a person for technical services must pay 25 percent of what is due for the services.

Then there is the grander question, did Castillo and Gill really hire Smith and Goldsmith? Or was the omnipresent Ashcroft the one who did the hiring?