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Thursday, 03 November 2011 00:00

The Guardian Newspaper is in possession of documents which show that Gilroy Usher Sr.; his son, Gilroy Usher Jr., and Lennox “DJ Tambran” Young owe quiet the sums to the Belize City Council.

Now owing is nothing new, in fact there is the adage that goes: you have to owe to own; but these three individuals can be singled out since they intend to seek political office. That’s right- Gilroy Usher Sr. is the PUP Standard Bearer for the People’s United Party in the Port Loyola constituency and Tambran and Usher Jr. are seeking office in city hall.

In the case of Usher he has been renting two spaces at the Commercial Center in downtown Belize City which is owned by the Belize City Council. In fairness, his record shows that he’s been able to make his payments albeit that some of them were late; but he’s been managing that is up until February of this year when he simply fell way behind and has had to be playing the catch-up game. Maybe the convention in the Port hit his pocket too hard. Whatever the case, by June of this year he had racked up a rent bill up to $1,750. He’s been trimming at the bill and as of October 31st he owes $750.

Now the diligence of Usher senior is not matched by his son, Usher Jr., his is a different story.  His record shows that he just doesn’t like to pay! He too rents a booth at the Commercial Center. But over the years he’s racked up a whopping bill of $4,800. That’s right, this man owes some senior money to the council. But the faceyness of it all is that he is intending to be a councilor. Yap, he put in his name to the People’s United Party to run as a councilor and is on the ticket for that party to go through their delegate convention scheduled for this weekend.

He appeared on Channel 5 saying the following: “…we have a city that is defunct.  There is no sort of investment.  There is no entrepreneurial hope.  There is no, the parks are in disarray.  There is no, the streets are in the worst condition we have ever seen…” Maybe, Usher, is too new to this, but the Belize City Council actually operates from revenue that it collects. The parks can’t be fixed and the streets can’t be fixed if the council cannot collect money which it is owed. That $4,800 that he owes the council would definitely go a long way at helping to improve the conditions of the city. More than that, for an individual who is aspiring to be in the council himself, he definitely needs to lead by example. There are those who will now question the motivation behind him wanting to be in the council especially since he owes that amount of money.

Then we go to citco candidate aspirant hard pay number 2- Lennox “DJ Tambran” Young. He takes the cake as malpago star. He is renting two booths at the Commercial Center and his bill is impressive. As far back as 2006 he’s been falling behind and has not been able to catch up. His bill is now up to a scary $8,700 as of October 31st. Now how can a person be aspiring to be a councilor and have a debt like this owed to the very council he wants to serve in. His motivation for this too is questionable. God forbid any of these three ever make it to electoral office. Then Hardpay may just turn to something else.