Goldsmith earns $100,000 in Appeals Court Case Print E-mail
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Thursday, 03 November 2011 00:00

Peter GoldsmithAs the Guardian had pointed out last week, Godfrey Smith and Peter Goldsmith were attorneys hired by Ricardo Castillo and Vaughn Gill to try to put a stop to the passage of the 9th amendment bill. Fortunately for Belize they were unsuccessful, but not because they were not able to stop the bill does it mean that they won’t collect. In fact for Goldsmith it was a decent payday. Reports to the Guardian indicate that under the tax laws of Belize anyone who pays for technical services must deduct tax rate at 25% of such payment. By our information Goldsmith committed to pay 25 thousand dollars to the Income Tax department. If our mathematics is correct that means that his haul for representing Castillo and Gill in the matter was somewhere in the region of 100 thousand dollars.

The exact figure of how much Goldsmith earned was not available as he refused to disclose the exact quantum. Nonetheless 100 grand is no chicken feed and it just gives an indication of how seriously the Ashcroft Alliance is taking things and how much they are willing to spend to get back into the driver’s seat of government. After all to spend 100 thousand dollars is a paltry sum when the pillaging of a nation is the ultimate goal.