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Thursday, 03 November 2011 00:00

It must have been an appropriate time that the new Leader of the Opposition was sworn in just days before Halloween because for most Belizeans it was a scary ordeal. It was scary because of the ghosts of the PUP past that have come forward to be at the front and center of the PUP.

Francis Fonseca is now officially at the helm of the most corrupt party that has ever governed in Belize but what is most scary is that those who have chosen to take his flank are principals of the PUP past administration. Dickie Bradley must have thought he was being cute when he talked about his Chetumal shirt but for those who watched him on the Halloween night newscast, he was but a vision of a scary ordeal that the country had to endure. He was in fact at the helm of the ministry of housing when all manner of wrongs were committed against the Belizean public. Millions upon millions of dollars were squandered in that ministry and up to the present all that can be shown for those millions are incomplete houses or sub-standard houses.

Then we saw the past leader of the PUP fully endorsing Fonseca. It was but a couple of weeks ago that Johnny Briceno called on those who made millions while the PUP was in office for 10 years to come forward and bring back the money, not to Belize but to the PUP. Well we’re not certain how many millions Fonseca made under the past administration but he’s responded to the call and he has the millionaire’s club to support him. Notably, Fonseca said that he will be looking at Ralph Fonseca to assist in financing. But even as he said that, when at the podium he said that the PUP had failed the Belizean people. They had lost their way, he said but what he did not say was that the very people, including himself who made the party loose its way were back. And apparently they were back with an ever greater thirst and hunger for pilfering and pillaging.

Said Musa’s eye glowed with either envy or plain old lust as he spoke of the so called New leader of the PUP. Of course he must have had to, he probably had flashbacks of the good old days when they sat together and on behalf of lord Ashcroft signed away taxpayers money in the accommodation agreement. He must have also remembered that it was the very Francis Fonseca who signed the UHS 33 million dollar guarantee which up to this day it is unclear whether it was U.S. dollars of Belize dollars.

As for Francis Fonseca, you cant profess to try to bring back the PUP to “serve the people” when all you are doing is surrounding yourself with the ghosts and ghouls of the past. Nobody believes you, Dickie, Said or Johnny. As for that other speaker Collett Montejo, we at this paper wonder if he has ever honored that bounced check he wrote to a hotel in Punta Gorda.