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Thursday, 03 November 2011 00:00

November 2nd,  2011

Hon Dean Barrow
UDP Party Leader &
Prime Minister
Belize City

Dear Party Leader;

After several months of personal soul searching, private discussions with family members and frank conversation with UDP Caribbean Shores Committee members, I have decided to withdraw as a UDP Candidate for Caribbean Shores at the next general elections.

This has not been an easy decision for me, as I love to serve each and all of my constituents. It is never an easy task to say, to persons who believe in me that I cannot offer myself for re-election.

And it is an ever harder task to step-aside for a new candidate in an electoral division that is clearly, once again, going to choose the United Democratic Party.

Nevertheless, my personal physical condition and the grave concern for the health conditions of my dear spouse have urged me to re-think my earlier decision to run as Area Rep. for another term. So, today, it is my painful duty to write that I am stepping aside as UDP Candidate, to make way for a new UDP Candidate in Caribbean Shores.

I have shared the situation with our Caribbean Shores political committee and in our search to identify a most suitable person, we as ateam, have decided to give our full support and endorsement to Mr. Michael Singh - an outstanding UDP activist in our Caribbean Shores Constituency.Myself, our committee and our machinery will afford full backing to Mike Singh.

As you know, Leader, I will continue to work arduously for Caribbean Shores as Area Rep., until the bugle is sounded for General Elections.

Sincerely and Respectfull
Carlos Perdomo
Area Rep
Caribbean Shores