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Written by The Guardian   
Thursday, 03 November 2011 00:00

In a move that can only be classified as an act of desperation the PUP or should we say Johnny Briceno has selected its candidates who will be contesting the Municipal Elections in Orange Walk from among his employees. As could have been expected there were very few who would dare place their names to be considered a PUP so Johnny Briceno was left with no other option but to instruct 6 of his employees to run.

That’s right, he looked far and wide within Orange Walk town and could not find a single soul who would be willingly to put up his name or even be associated with the PUP so he did the only thing he could possibly do and that is to force his employees to run. Here goes- Kevin Bernard works at SMART and so do Josue Carballo, Ian Cal, Jose Urbina, Neri Ramirez. Ludrick Sheppard does not work at SMART but he works at Centaur, for those in Orange Walk- well it’s the same thing as working at SMART they both have the same owner. The one person who does not work for Briceno is Rosel Arana. She needs to get with the program.