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Thursday, 03 November 2011 00:00

Some of the PUP candidates seeking office. (pic courtesy Channel 5)The People’s United Party will be fielding its candidates to contest the municipal elections next year. As they attempt to ‘organize’ themselves for the municipals, it has become evident that the bunch they have selected really are unimpressive and some call them a ‘Bunch of nuttn.’

While the field of candidates is a lackluster one, what is more interesting for the party that is claiming to be returning to its roots is the fact that they will not really have a convention. Instead there will be just little over 500 residents of Belize City who will be able to vote for the bunch that will represent the PUP. This is as bad as that political party can go especially since it is saying it is going back to the people. Then again maybe it is an excellent strategy for them to not expose them for being unwanted in Belize City. With the PUP not opening the convention it will ensure that they would not have to explain why the turnout was so low. They can always say that it was not an open convention.

The manner of selection aside, what should be noted are the personalities that are choosing to run in the convention. Some among those running have racked up quite a reputation. Some are considered outright cons, holding events which they do not deliver on; then there are others who simply are malpagos- refusing to pay their debts. Others are considered plain old wothliss. Then there are those who are home wreckers. And last but not least there are those who crawled out of the woodwork, with nobody knowing where they came from.

With a bunch of political aspirants like these, it is no wonder why most are saying that those running are a bunch of nothing.