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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 03 November 2011 00:00

Mrs. Kim Barrow, C.E.O. Lindsay Garbutt, Demian Solano and Jim Scott unveil cover.On Tuesday, November 1st, the Belize Tourism Industry Association launched Destination Belize 2012. It is the 16th edition but this publication is more homely. Jim Scott, President of BTIA, explained that the previous editions were published by a US based marketing agency but the 2011-2012 edition is a product of Belize’s own Idea Lab Studios.

Demian Solano is the publisher of the magazine. He said that the main contextual change is in writing perspective. The previous magazines featured articles written by in house writers. They used info provided and constructed literary pieces that often undersold the wonders of Belize. The Idea Lab publication features a host of accomplished local and international writers. They write pieces based on experience. Solano said, “It is story telling about travel experiences in Belize- not basic information that you would find in an encyclopedia.”

The cover plays on the Mayan calendar 2012 theory. Solano said that there have been books, movies and many other releases about the Mayan 2012 theory. He said we should use the attention being generated by the theory to encourage tourists to visit Belize’s many Mayan temples in the year 2012. The cover posts the question, “Where will you be when the world begins anew?” The cover features two women, one of European and one of Mayan ancestry. The photo was taken while the two were discussing the theory in front of a temple at Xunantunich. The Mayan lady was explaining that the calendar doesn’t suggest that the world will end in 2012 but instead the cycle will start over.

A total of 60,000 copies will be printed. BTIA and the Belize Tourism Board distribute the magazines at trade shows around the world. They are issued to embassies around the world and placed in hotel rooms across the country. Hotel guests were previously discouraged from removing the magazines. Solano said that will change. The “Hotel copy- please do not remove” sign will be removed and guests will be encouraged to take the magazines with them because the goal is to get the message out. Businesses paid between $700 and $12,000 to be featured in the magazine. The magazine is also available in digital format and there is an app for the I-pod users.