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Thursday, 10 November 2011 00:00

The People’s United Party held its convention to select candidates for the upcoming Municipal Elections. It is not certain what was worse, the caliber of candidates that the party attracted or the poor turnout of voters it had.

It was by design that the only ones who were allowed to participate in the PUP convention were delegates from the 10 constituencies that make up Belize City. At the end of it all there were less than 350 people who came out to vote at the convention. It was a disaster from the planning all the way to execution. Even with such a low turnout, in typical PUP fashion the results could not be determined until well after the elections as 100 ballots were unaccounted for. It is possible that within that bunch of crooked individuals, one or more than one of them attempted to get the better of the others by trying to steal the ballots.

Nonetheless when it was all over the slate was less than impressive. After all the entire election started off with a bunch that was scraped directly from the bottom of the PUP barrel. Every single one of the characters that were chosen has something to be ashamed of and not a single one of them would make a good councilor.  It’s a shame really that the PUP can only attract these kinds of candidates to run in municipal elections. And it is not only in Belize City that this is taking place in the PUP. Every single slate that they are putting up is plagued by persons who simply will not be able to represent people. The front page of this edition alone speaks of the caliber of people who are running. But this should surprise no one. From the bottom all the way to the top the PUP has chosen to field candidates that will simply disappoint the electorate and who in the past have proven to be all about themselves and their greed.