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Written by Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 10 November 2011 00:00

In our country no matter how weak any of the two major political parties may appear to be, they will still assuredly garner at least 40% of the votes cast in any election. Point is, makes no difference the gripe an individual or organization has with the Government or Opposition of the day; it can be safely concluded that at least that same percentage of people will not support the individual’s or organization’s quest. It’s a simple mathematical analysis not deserving interpretation from Stephen Hawkings, and glaringly obvious to all NGO’s seeking to advance a position to Government.

So I will say to the dear lady, hear what, I don’t think the strategy which you are employing of continuous confrontation with the Government is the way forward for Oceana’s cause.  I am sure this is not the favorite strategy of any lobbyist (which you are really, even if you prefer the name activist). I would like to think that the organization's mission in Belize was to befriend the government and people of our country to agree with your cause through conciliation rather than confrontation. But the reverse is true at this very moment.

 I understand the first stone was thrown by Oceana. It is said that the discussions with the Prime Minister were progressing well enough with the objective to gradually phase out abandoned offshore oil exploration concessions, but Oceana jumped up and declared for a full ban, or nothing. The people then heard about the drive to trigger a referendum with signatures which would force the Government to cancel all contracts for offshore and protected areas that had been awarded by the previous administration. The cancelled contracts would have cost our country tens of millions of dollars, but does her organization care? Once she satisfies her mission and has job security, each to his own after that.

I must repeat, for clarity, the main argument of this essay; with the lady’s blatant challenge and insulting tone, no matter how much sympathy for Oceana that UDP supporters may secretly harbor, it won’t be a whole lot of them who will make the effort to vote on any referendum against their Government. And if the requisite minimum number of votes cast on referendum day is not met, the poll will not even be worth bragging rights, much less the claim of majority support. I am sure that the Oceana firebrand understands the ante when one challenges government leaders and their supporters on one hand, and then solicits their votes on the other; it’s a sure-lose situation. Perhaps that is what has the lady frustrated. But, like the crotchety Bantam, she will continue to jump and try, with limited chances of success, to harm birds much larger than herself.