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Thursday, 17 November 2011 00:00

KnoxOn Tuesday November 15th 27 year old Knox Cumberbatch who has been in prison since July of 2009 was set free after the prosecution’s star witness told the court she could not recall what happened during the murder of Reynold Michael.

Cumberbatch was accused of  killing Michael on July 23rd, 2009. Michael was shot twice, once to the back of the head and once in the chest in an alley near the Yarborough Bridge in Belize City.

On Tuesday a jury of 9 was selected by the court to hear the case, but when Prosecutor Kaysha Grant called her first witness, Daphney Grant, 38, she could not recall anything. Grant was asked several questions including whether she remembered the day of July 23, 2009, the day of the murder of Michael.  But in response, Grant said that she cannot recall that day.   The Prosecutor then asked her if she recalled July 26, 2009, when she gave police a statement regarding the incident, but once again, Grant said she does not remember doing so.  When asked if she knew the accused, Know Cumberbatch who was in the accused box, Grant told the court, “No”.   It was at this point that prosecutor, made an application to the court in which she stated that she was compelled to offer no more evidence in the matter against Cumberbatch as the case of the prosecution rested solely on the identification  by Grant. She further told the court that the other witnesses for the crown cannot provide a positive identification. The crown was then forced to rest its case.  Justice Lord then directed the jury to return a not guilty verdict against Cumberbatch and he was free to go.  In 2009,  Daphne Grant gave police a statement in which she claimed she saw Cumberbatch shoot Reynolds Michael.