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Thursday, 17 November 2011 00:00

GroundOn Monday, the media was invited to the corner of Vernon and Tibruce Street, where the Belize Mental Health Association, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, is planning to build a new mental health institution. This specific parcel of land has been leased by the Belize City Council for the facility to be built on.

This new facility has been estimated at $500,000, a

nd the Mental Health Association is planning to equip it to be able to handle about 150 clients. It is being paid for by the Social Investment Fund.

The plan is to turn it into a community-based facility that will provide assistance to homeless and mentally-ill persons. These persons will be facilitated with social support and training to be able to generate their own salaries to support themselves. The plan is that it will not provide residency for its clients however daily meals will be provided to the clients.

The building plan for the facility is that in the next several months, it will be completed and the Mental Health Department, which is a part of the Ministry of Health, will begin a program known as the “psycho-social” care.

In this program, the dependency upon medicine to deal with mental illness is diminished, and the problems that the patient’s illness has caused in relation to their social skills will be addressed. It is the hope of the Mental Health Association that the social-skill deterioration could be addressed in a majority of the mental illnesses that Belizeans have faced but ignored.

   In the meantime, Monday’s ceremony included the ceremonial ground breaking to signify that the process to the completion of the mental health facility has started.