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Thursday, 24 November 2011 00:00

The Football Federation of Belize is in the process of selecting representatives that will make up the congress to select a new executive for the organization. From the onset, the process has been fraught with difficulties mainly due to the current FFB’s executive to gerrymander the process.

The latest bout that the football community in the country is fighting against is the FFB’s unfair selection of representatives to contest elections. For some clarity, it must be explained that under new statutes approved for the FFB in September, there are 7 football districts and a top league that can vote for the executive of the FFB.  The districts have 2 votes each while the top league has 6 votes.

Under the new process, there must be district elections, which must be completed by December 31 after which there must be a national executive election by March 10th, 2012. In good faith, the Minister of sports agreed with FIFA and FFB to extend these dates from October 31st and December 10 respectively. Even as the process has set deadlines, it was not until Wednesday November 16th that the schedule of election dates was put out by the FFB. When that took place, at least two districts had passed their deadlines for submission of names. Worse was that the FFB had to be forced into releasing the names of those persons eligible to vote in the district elections.

The FFB has recognized clubs in every district but had refused to say who the registered clubs were and did not say who the legal representatives were. It was not after they were pressured by FIFA and the Ministry of sports that the list was released last week.

In those circumstances now, there are 3 slates in two districts that are appealing decisions made by the FFB as to the eligibility of persons to contest in the district elections. The Belmopan district is appealing a decision which saw a contesting slate rejected. Also appealing the process were two slates in Orange Walk, one of those has since been accepted as a challenger but the decision is not yet made on the second.

Complicating matters for the Corozal and Toledo slates was the fact that the deadline for submitting names to contest was on Monday November 21. When the slates attempted to put in the names in the Corozal district, the FFB representative was nowhere to be found. In the case of the Toledo slate, they sent the application by registered mail to the FFB office in Belmopan on the 16th of November but that was not accepted and was returned to sender. These two slates ended up having to submit it to the chair of the electoral appeal commission, David Cruz, who acknowledged receipt of the applications.

It’s a lot of maneuvering that is taking place and the FFB by all appearances is not having any fair play but the only check that is in place is that the minister of sports Hon. John Saldivar and his ministry along with the National Sports Council is keeping a close eye on the developments and informing FIFA of what is taking place on a step by step basis.