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Thursday, 24 November 2011 00:00

EsvinEsvin Ernesto Reyes, a 16 year old Guatemalan living in Benque, was murdered on Saturday morning near the Belize Guatemalan Border. Reyes and his parents were attempting to enter into Melchor illegally as is the practice of those living in Benque who can’t or choose not to use proper documentation.

Reyes’ mother, Teresa, told the media that they had decided to visit a sick relative, so they left their house and walked behind their house which is near the Mopan River.

They intended to walk along a trail that would then take them to a boat that they could cross the river and end up in Melchor. They never made it because while on their way at around 7:30, two armed, masked men came out of the bushes and demanded money.

Teresa Reyes said that her husband told the men that they didn’t have any money, to which the men responded that either they hand over cash or they would die. Reyes said that her husband told her to run, which she and her son attempted to do.

   Reyes said that the men saw them retreat, and one of masked men fired a shot at them as they attempted to flee. The bullet found its mark in the midsection of Esvin Reyes’ back. He died on the spot and the men fled the scene before police could respond.    According to Reyes, the men came back and were attempting to move Esvin’s body, but she shouted at them that the police were on their way. She said that she believes that the men are Guatemalans and they were probably attempting to dump his body into the river to prevent police from recovering it.

Esvin Reyes’ body was eventually recovered by police and transported to the San Ignacio Hospital where he was pronounced dead-on-arrival.
So far, there are no suspects.