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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 01 December 2011 00:00

WorksThe Ministry of Works has been conducting extensive works in the area immediately adjacent to the North Creek Bridge. Construction halted on the bridge six months ago after the base and body was completed. It is a massive structure that made residents of Queens Square extremely proud. However, the approaches to the bridge were not inserted and the long delay has caused some grumbling. 

The height of the bridge demanded that the street perpendicular to the south approach be raised. Since it is a residential area and the canal is a water body, raising the street could cause flooding. Therefore, the current project does not only include earth work (raising the street), it also includes a drainage component. Culverts have been inserted in the area and extensive drainage works have been undertaken. Furthermore, not only the south approach was raised, but the north approach as well.

The completion of the South Creek Bridge is not only significant for residents, who will access the structure. It is symbolic of a broader picture. It marks the beginning of the canal lining project. Residents have been questioning the importance of several columns at the sides of the bridge. During the absence of the approaches, some have used the columns to get to the other side of the bridge. According to the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Works, Cadet Henderson, the columns are actually retaining walls. These retaining walls are needed for the canal concrete-lining project. In a matter of weeks the Ministry of Works will make an announcement on the signing of contracts for the lining of that entire canal stretch as well as the canal from Yarborough Bridge to Vernon Street Bridge. Henderson continued, “All streets running alongside the canals will be paved as well.” 

On Wednesday, November 30, other projects were being undertaken in the area as well. Youths of Supal Street from the truce program were trimming the edges of the canal. Another crew was clearing the drains on Benbow Street. Henderson said that the Ministry is employing many youths in the program. He said both men and women are employed doing street management, cutting vegetation, clearing drains and fixing streets. He said these same individuals will be employed in Phase 2 of the Southside Rejuvenation Project, which will see the repaving of Pen Road, refurbishment of Faber’s Road, paving of Jane Usher Boulevard and several other secondary streets. That project includes the hot mix paving of Central American Boulevard.