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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 01 December 2011 00:00

Some things are just too funny for one to keep their composure. The son of the most despised man in the history of Belize - the son that is furthest from the heart (almost disowned) - appeared on a morning talk show in his capacity as chairman of his party on Wednesday, November 30.

His presentation was comical at best, a chip off the old block. One thing you must commend him on: he is an extremely good dancer - one who would elevate straight to the peak of the B.S. meter. His efforts to convince viewers that the PUP is a new party, while not admitting that the organization preached, practiced and celebrated corruption, is confusing to say the least. The question is then, what is new about the party? If there was only “a stigma of corruption,” then why the proclamation of a new party?

His statements make it obvious that he is leading an unrepentant bunch, who sees no wrong in the gang rape executed by their organization on the Belizean people for an entire decade. They see nothing wrong with corruption but are pulling every trick to get rid of the “stigma of corruption”. Stigma means marked or branded. They hope to get rid of the stigma by getting rid of the branded members or at least hide them. However, the fact that they refuse to address, admit or even identify the real problem only means that it is branded so deep that it has turned into an infection making those in that party subject to corrupt desires. Getting rid of the stigma of corruption without getting rid of corruption is an old magician’s trick called flipping the cards. Two cards are held between the fingers in a back to back position. The witnesses are tricked by a simple flip in which the exposed card is switched to the back and a new card appears up front. The new card was behind the scenes for the entire presentation but its sudden appearance is to impress the audience while the old card plays its role behind the scenes with hope of returning eventually. Old magician’s trick!!!

The People’s United Party recently issued its official position on a number of issues. The subject of nationalization stands out. According to the release, the PUP debated and adopted a position that a People’s United Party Government will maintain the status of BTL, BEL and BWSL as majority state-owned and controlled public companies. The PUP can debate all they want. For the people of Belize, this issue is not debatable. The statement continued to say that the party supports the principle of fair and prompt compensation in respect of Government’s Nationalization of BTL and BEL.  By fair and prompt compensation, one would understand that the party controlled by the British billionaire really means as much and as quick as possible.

This is the billionaire for whom they were all too quick to fabricate numbers for in their petition, which was being circulated just before the passage of the 9th amendment bill. Remember that at the time they said they had secured 21 thousand signatures.  What was not mentioned at the time was that it was PUP supporters and operatives, who were going about to secure the signatures. And while they said that they had gotten those signatures there are those who would argue that the signatures were in fact fabricated and stapled together to make it appear as if they had actually gotten them.

Now the PUP is resurfacing using adverts on the television stations saying on one hand that send they don’t agree with nationalization and in their release say that they are now in support of it. That is laughable.

However, let us not condemn them for everything. It would be ill not to mention that they should be commended for adapting the United Democratic Party’s positions. It would seem that they finally have learned to choose a leader. Long live the great Dean Oliver Barrow!