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Thursday, 09 February 2012 00:00

LisaThe People’s United Party finds itself in such a state of disunity that it made an egregious error of judgment on Monday night when it aired a tasteless and downright repulsive advertisement during Channel 7 and 5’s newscasts. We won’t repeat the ad’s content, sufficed to say that it bordered pornography.

Well, after the airing, the entire nation, church organizations and all rang up the talk shows as well as the PUP party leader’s office to tell him that it has got to stop airing the commercial. Quicker than you can say retract, the PUP put out a press release claiming it had nothing to do with the airing of the commercial. We at the Guardian, however, have confirmed that in fact it was the People’s United Party  operatives who placed the commercial for airing. In the press release, the PUP claims it had nothing to do with the ad. When Lisa Shoman was interviewed by Love FM, she repeated as much however, she erred even though she is an attorney; she in fact admitted to airing the commercial.

She said that the advertisement has aired only once and it will not air again. If in fact it was not the PUP who placed the commercial on the local news channels, how is it that Shoman can state categorically how many times the advert has played and how can she assure the Belizean people that it will not air again? If the PUP had nothing to do with the ad, then Shoman, who is the PUP’s Communications Director, would have the authority to say whether or not the ad would air again.

Simple slips of the tongue causes great problems. A bit of advice for the PUP, the Belizean people nor happy with you! The more you do, the more you aggravate them and turn them against you. Take heed, it does not matter how many or what type of commercials you play, Belizeans will never return you back to office.