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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 09 February 2012 00:00

MarcelThe political dunce has officially returned to his party. On Wednesday, February 8, Marcel Cardona, former Area Representative, for Orange Walk East announced that he and his committee is supporting the People’s United Party for the March 7 elections. His announcement came as a surprise to no one as we have been reliably informd that he has been performing at the instructions of the bribe-taking former leader of the PUP for a long time now. The weekend before he whined and cried at the budget debate, he was seen in a meeting with leaders of the PUP.

At a press conference moderated by Glen Tillett, Marcel was asked if he thought the PUP has changed since 2008 and why has he decided to support them after working so hard to get them out of government. He said, “the Prime Minister had four years to prove that the things they said the PUP (Said Musa and Ralph Fonseca in particular) were doing was true and he has not been able to do so.” He continued, “They could not prove it in court.” What proof does he need? Does he need the Prime Minister to prove that the PUP sold the BEL, BTL and WASA for a little bit of nothing? Does he need the Prime Minister to prove that the PUP gave away the airport and sea port to their cronies? Does he need the Prime Minister to prove that the PUP gave the Novelos $30 million? Gave US/BZ $33 million to a private hospital? Gave $20 million (gift to Belizeans for home improvement) to Belize Bank? Gave Michael Ashcroft a $12 million tax write off? Gambled Belizeans’ money on the international market? Marcel, what is it that the Prime Minister cannot prove? 
He was also asked why he didn’t run as an independent candidate. His response was that he needed a cooling off period. The truth is, Marcel already knows that the people of Orange Walk East has no love for him and would never vote for him again. This is a man who entered a party convention as the sitting area representative of the constituency and finished third. The people of Orange Walk East voted for two other candidates more than they voted for him, the sitting Area Representative. Marcel’s committee couldn’t do much to help him and definitely will not make a difference on March 7. In reference to Marcel and his committee the phrase “bunch of nothings” comes to mind.

Every chance he gets, he blames everyone but himself for not delivering services to the people of Orange Walk East. What Marcel fails to realize is that Area Representative is a job and not a title. It means he is to lobby on behalf of the people of Orange Walk East. An Area Representative is supposed to knock on every minister’s door. They are supposed to capitalize on every government project. An Area Representative is supposed to work with the business community in their area to get things done. An Area Representative is supposed to keep residents of their constituency engaged in the activities of government so that they may benefit from social and developmental programs. A good Area Representative need not say a word in the House of Representatives because they would have represented their people and expressed their will from before a Bill is presented. 

Marcel is simply a cry baby who failed as an Area Representative. The People’s United Party is definitely the party for the disgraced member from Orange Walk East. 

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