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Thursday, 23 February 2012 00:00

GodfreyOn Tuesday February 21, 61 year old Taxi driver, Godfrey Mortis was found guilty of molesting and 8-year-old child. Mortis was found guilty of a single count of aggravated assault of an indecent nature when he appeared in court.

He took the bible and gave a sworn testimony in his trial denying the allegations made by the child.  The Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith was not convinced and sentenced him to two years imprisonment for the crime.   The maximum penalty for the crime of indecent assault done summarily at the Magistrate’s Court is 3 years. 

The child who is now 9,  testified “in camera” saying that on the day of the incident Mortis task her to buy water for him.   She offered to do him the favor and according to the child, when she returned he grabbed her and bit her twice on both sides of her neck and then touched her on her private parts.   The child’s mother also testified that she and her daughter had gone to the home of a friend who lived in the same yard.  She said that she saw when her daughter went to buy for Mortis but never saw when she came back. It was not until the next day that she saw the bite marks on her daughter’s neck.  It was when tyhe child was  questioned about them the girl told her mother that it was Mortis who put the marks on her neck.   

Prosecutor in the case was Inspector Carol Tucker while Mortis was unrepresented in his trial.