Fonseca afraid to negotiate the Superbond! Why? Print E-mail
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Thursday, 01 March 2012 00:00

FrancisThe Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow has minced no words and has made it extremely clear that when the UDP is elected to office for a second consecutive term on March 7th, one of the priorities will be the renegotiation of the Superbond. And the message has been sent that “we will negotiate or we will not pay.” It’s a position that only a leader that has country and people at heart can take.

 For four years thorough the pro-people policies by the Barrow administration, Belizeans have been benefitting and when the UDP is re-elected, the policies will continue and be expanded. But part of that expansion will be dependent on how much we will pay for the Superbond, which at this point in time is placing an economic chokehold on Belize.

Contrast that position with that taken by the leader of the People’s United Party and you will determine that on one hand you have  a leader and on the other you have a spineless individual who is unable to standup for the rights and benefit of Belizeans. On every single opportunity that Francis Fonseca has had to speak on the Superbond, he’s stated that the solution is to grow the economy. There is no specific detailing of how that will be done but he keeps on saying it. The problem with that is that it shows that there is no concrete plan by the PUP in dealing with the burdensome debt of the Superbond. But more than that, the position by Fonseca begs the question: why is he afraid to renegotiate the Superbond?

Is it that, in the past administration, Fonseca was so wrapped up with those who now hold the bond that he’s simply afraid of going back to them and renegotiating? Or maybe it is that the bond is now held by someone for whom Fonseca is a serf to. Whatever the case may be, Fonseca needs to man up and decide whether or not he is in this to serve the people or whether he is there to serve his puppet master.

A leader, who is unable to stand his ground, and more so is unable to make decisions that will positively impact the lives of those whom he seeks to lead is no leader at all. If someone were to draw inferences by the actions of Fonseca and his inability to state exactly what he would do with the Superbond if ever he were to become Prime Minister, simply tells us that he is  weakling that does not deserve to lead a soul.